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There many aspects aiding to your life insurance policy, which means there are things that will increase your premium or lower it. Here are a few things you need to take into consideration:

This Includes The Following:

Age – Your premium will depend on your age, older people pay higher than younger people.

Health – Your health will also have an effect on your premium. Meaning, a healthy person will pay less than a person that is not so healthy. Like people with cholesterol will pay more that people without it.

Non-smokers – Smokers pay more because their chances of getting ill is much bigger than a non-smoker.

Excellent driving document – People with a bad driving record will also pay more because they have bigger risks of getting in an accident. People how are driving longer than other will also pay less, because they are more experienced.

Sex – Women pay less than men, because women is more careful than men.

Mental wellness – If you have a mental disorder, you are a high risk client, thus you will pay more. Sometimes, depending on your case you will pay less.

Family tree – Brokers likes to know if there are any kind of illness and mental illness in the family tree, because chances are that it may be hereditary.

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