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Remember the following aspects about All Life:

Aspect 1 – Specialties HIV & Diabetes

AllLife specialize only in giving individuals living with HIV or Diabetes life insurance since 2005. There are a lot of companies that do not approve life cover for people living with these conditions, this is why they chose to assist individuals with these health conditions.

Minimum age to apply for life insurance is 18 and maximum is 58. Clients use the companies product to apply for personal or business loans. Clients do not have to fill out application forms and no fine print. We have an Adherence program to help you manage your health and stay healthy.

You can get quotes on this page by filling out the form provided, get affordable premiums for up to R10 million cover.

Aspect 2 – Complaints

If you have a problem with your broker due to misunderstandings of your policy, you should contact AllLife directly. They take complaints serious and will help you resolve any problems you have.

Aspect 3 – Brokers

Brokers are there to help you find additional services to your policy that you might require, or offer you a more suitable plan for your needs and they are there to help you make the choices easier.

Aspect 4 – Contact A Broker

AllLife has got a network of brokers (certified) available to assist you. Here is a contact form on the page that will put you in contact with a broker.

Aspect 5 – Blood Tests

Blood tests are required once every 6 months or once a year. Also you need not make your medical aid aware of the fact that you have taken cover with us all you need to do is tell us with which lab (SANAS approved) and we can simply request the results on the clients behalf at no point do we need our company name to appear on any medical records.

You can only do blood tests at SANAS-accredited labs, like Pathcare, Lancet or Ampath. If you wish to do it at other SANAS labs, contact AllLife to make the necessary arrangements.

Aspect 6 – Individuals Living With Diabetes

If you are a diabetic or your medical examination shows that you are a diabetic, there will be cover for you available, but you would have to receive treatment that will be inline with your life cover agreement. This way the risk of health problems would be manage and you will meet the requirements of your policy agreement. AllLife will also contact you regularly about your progress.

If you miss your blood tests dates and ignore the warnings of following tests, you will be marked as uncontrollable.

AllLife does not pay for any medical treatment, including diabetes. You medical aid should be accountable for this costs or you should visit a public health center.

They offer a pure risk life plan for people living with diabetes 1 or 2. The policy will payout if the policyholder should pass during this period (accident or health related).

Aspect 7 – Individuals Living With HIV

AllLife do not pay for any clients Anti-Retroviral Therapy, but your medical aid plan or the public health sector would help you.

You do not have to do an HIV test, as it is not an requirement for you to do so to apply for life cover.

Adherence here applies to the way you manage your HIV appropriately, in other words monitoring your health status through blood tests, getting anti-retroviral therapy and remain therapy once you started treatment, as well as taking the medicine on time as prescribed by your doctor.

If you do have a relative who is living with HIV and would like to pay for their policy we will also be able to assist you.

When your CD4 level is below 200, you are put on accidental coverage. If after 6 months or whenever your count is above 200, you can apply for Comprehensive cover.

A viral-load test is a test to see how many HIV virus is found in drop of blood. It can be undetected or it can show above a million per ml.

Your status is confidential.

People living with Aids cannot get a cover, unless the anti-retro viral therapy shows a progress in your CD4 levels and the person remains on therapy. If you fail to progress in treatment, you will get several warnings which after you will only be covered for accidental death.

Aspect 8 – Excluded

There are a few aspects excluded from life policy like suicide, war, self-inflicted injuries, criminal acts or hostile acts and terrorism.

Aspect 9 – Beneficiary

If the beneficiary of your policy passes, you can contact customer care and change it to another person.

Aspect 10 – Waiting Period

Take not, no waiting period. You are covered the day you you make the payment on your first premium. No cash back no saving/ investment components.

Aspect 11 – Life & Funeral Cover

Difference between life and funeral insurance is:

  • Funeral cover only settle the funeral costs.
  • Life insurance will make sure that your loved ones will be financially prepared to go on with their life without you. It will help them with day-today needs and more.

AllLife does not have a funeral cover at this stage.

Aspect 12 – Documentation For Claims

Documents you will need to claim from the company as a beneficiary:

  • AllLife claim forms completed in detail
  • Death certificate copy
  • BI-1663 (notice of death) copy
  • Copy of beneficiary ID
  • Bank Statement of beneficiary
  • Policyholder ID

Aspect 13 – Disability Claim

If you claim from your life cover for disability the policy will cease, because they have a one claim only policy with disability.

Aspect 14 – Claims In General

If can take 4 – 8 weeks for a claim to be paid out, if the documentation is received by AllLife and no additional factors is in play.

Aspect 15 – South African Citizen

If you were not born in South Africa but now have a valid South African ID and are a South African citizen you may apply for life cover.

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